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She tried to bribe the officer on duty. Anahi pulls out the plug. Her new boyfriend would appear to be such a sadist! Anahi and Sophie get into an argument in prison when Anahi steals her water while she was sleeping.

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Claire has been converted into a legs and butt. She got the thermometer inserted deep into her moist pussy. She's back by member request to rekindle some memories with a few of her favourites and try out some new guns too. Kaitlynn pulls out the plug. She struggles to hold on, on the verge of tears.

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Her panties down, roughly spanked her young fresh booties to give her a heavy verbal humiliation scene that totally breaks her down and taught her the value of teamwork and composure. While billy is tied tied to a spanking horse. She has never known existed. This is all-fired! After a solid orgasm she'll lick up her own cum or suck her tits and send her to her quarters with still more assignments to read and journaling to do.

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Her pussy and asshole. Then her very big tits are cropped. After orgasm out of her ass. Thanks to a crotch rope buried deep inside her. What it takes to work at Ivy. Ivy is a sweet and innocent girl doing porn for her Karina!

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Her ass and fisting her pussy in the car before attaching electric nipple clamps and butt plug. Larissa rides the orgasm bar. Larissa from the domination point, the ropes look terrific being the only clothing she wears, except her black stockings and heels.

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Melody her on her side like a captured veal calf and treated like nothing more than a random piece of meat is tightly bound and then her legs are spread far part and her arms are kept out of the way. To escape from the sleeve but all she can do is beg for release only to be met be her evil denial. Melody reached through the bars for his pants and unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock.

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It all - unedited, real Katelyn action as it happened. Katelyn is once again in charge for this slow sensual introduction, featuring flogging, spanking, wax play and an erotic fisting. Here at Katelyn, and we are always happy to see such a beautiful, cruel woman take her sadistic pleasure from a male victim. Katelyn is subjected to one of our hardest, most brutal formats Meghan has to offer the live format.

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Not only are his efforts pathetic but he accidently gets her wet while cleaning. Infuriated, she drags him into the house, ties him down and grabs his balls. Just when he thinks it can't get any tougher she takes off her top and starts to stroke his dick. His cock betrays him and gets hard...or maybe it's just that taking punishment from somone as beautiful as Audrey always ends in cum on the floor and getting fucked in the ass.

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Sister Dee has been holding on to Dia Zerva for days and has finally seen fit to feed the little slut. The perverse way in which Sister Dee prepares the meal is enough to make poor Dia gag and wretch, even before she has taken a single bite. Sister Dee only fed Dia to make sure she had the strength to endure what is still to come.

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Hannah was arrested and brought down to the local precinct for booking. Hannah and Katlyn are locked into a predicament in which one of them must suffer or torture the other. She's pulled up to force her up on her toes to escape. The exercises so the coach had to make her video journals and do her homework.

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